Monday, May 2, 2011

TV Console

We are in the process of converting our garage into a game room/office.  One of the last steps was finding a table for our TV.  This was a process!  I looked and looked, knew what I wanted, but wasn't finding it.  I searched CraigsList daily....nothing, we went thrift shopping...nothing then finally one day in our thrift shopping adventures we spotted this beauty!  Persistance pays off!

Once again we didn't take a picture right when we got it.  It was missing it's top, so there was this big blank hole starring at us when we saw it, but that didn't stop us, we knew (well okay, I knew) that my amazing hubby could fill that hole and make it look like it had always been there.  Here are the after pictures once my hubby did his work on the top and it was painted and distressed then waxed.  We used some of the new paint that is the rave all over blog land, chalk paint.  We used the color Old White.  That's some pretty cool paint and covers so well with no sanding and priming (we had already sanded it before we knew what paint we were going to use on it).  Gotta love being able to take out two steps in the process! 

Love the knobs, these were the actual knobs that were on the table when we bought it.  The pictures don't do this piece justice, it's a beautiful piece of furniture.  I'm always amazed what people get rid of, it's good for us, so I'm not complaining! 

Excuse the ugly baseboards in the pictures.  Our last step in our remodel are the baseboards and the interior doors, which will be done this week, WHOO HOO!  I've had dust all over my house for months, it's gotta end.

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