Our Painting Process

For the majority of most of our pieces we use latex paint.  At times we will use milk paint or chalk paint but state this in the description of each product, but for the majority we use Behr interior latex paints.

Preparation:   When we first receive a piece we clean it to remove any dirt or grim that may be on it.  We sand (the level of sanding depends on the sheen of each piece and the material of the piece) to help the adhesion.  We take it one step further and prime each piece (we do not use primer when we are using milk paint b/c when using milk paint we are wanting a truly shabby chic outcome).

Painting:  Once the piece is ready and primed we use Behr interior latex paint.  Each piece is sprayed using a professional sprayer and receives two to three coats.  We then put the piece aside to let it dry and cure before the distressing and glazing happen.

Distressing and Final Touches:  At this time we distress the piece and or glaze it.  If we have decided to stain a top of a piece or replace a top this is when we do that. We also prime and spray the hardware during this step. 

Protective Coat:  Every piece of furniture receives several coats of polyurethane in a satin or semi-gloss sheen as a protective topcoat.  The top coat we use is the same protective coating that is used on commercial hardwood floorings.  We also spray the hardware with polyurethane to protect it.

**When we use milk paint we apply wax as the protective coat.  Milk paint has a mind of its own (unless using the bonding agent with it) and naturally flakes and distresses on its own, no two pieces will turn out the same.  We only use milk paint on pieces that we want a very shabby chic look with. The great thing about milk paint is that it is 100% VOC free and truly a green product which is great for those looking for that type of product.

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